Cold Sores That Won’t Heal…?


Here we go again my friends. I will attempt to answer one of those questions about cold sores that keep coming up. Even though I know that there’s more to this question than meets the eye. I could be rude and say, ” Didn’t I just cover that in the last post?” But that’s not my forte. I’m here to help and dammit, that’s what I’m doing! (lol!)

This site is all about the natural way or ways to get rid of cold sores. Now with that said you cannot explore the wide realm of cold sores without trying to understand the people that are involved with it. This particular question is really more of a statement. In my last post I told you that cold sores will usually last anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks, tops! But that’s the norm. Don’t get me wrong, there might be a few people out there that may have experienced longer healing times than the rest of us. But the problem that they are having can be traced back to the application, not the solution. What do I mean?

Well, if you have followed any of the instructions of the following posts you would know that by applying certain substances to the source of the problem,( Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc..), that you can expect to see results in as little as a day. But if you are applying these great home remedies and still eating a bag of potato chips later in the day. Well, of course it’s going to take longer!

Let me explain something to you my friend: For anyone of these natural remedies to fix your problem you must also do your part. Yes the hydrogen peroxide will work. But it needs you to help it in the meantime. That’s like going on a diet in the afternoon and eating a bowl of ice cream later! You’ll never get anywhere! So here’s a list of things that YOU must do to help these natural remedies do what they do:

1. Salty Foods – Salty foods like potato chips will irritate the situation. When you use one of these natural remedies, it in effect drys the cold sores out. But if you eat something like a bag of chips, you basically reversed the whole process because the cold sores is going to absorb the salt and start swelling all over again!

2. De-Stress – While it’s true that these remedies can work. No remedy can overcome the stress that triggered the outbreak in the first place! Try to eliminate the amount of stress while using any remedy. Remember stress is one of the main triggers of these outbreaks!

3. Sunlight – Believe it or not some people can be overexposed to sunlight. This overexposure can cause an outbreak. To prevent this, make sure that you invest in a sunscreen that’s designed to also protect your lips. Or use a lipstick that has some sort of sunscreen in it.

So there you have it. 3 surefire ways that you can help your natural remedies get the upper hand on that embarrassing cold sore and heal quickly. To find even more solutions to the problem of cold sores, I recommend that you visit: Cold Sore Freedom In 3!

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